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A Luxury Boutique Hotel full of Style & Elegance

We are more like that friend whose house, company and hospitality you will always remember. We are that once-in-a-lifetime adventure whose memories you will always treasure, that heartwarming grandma story or song you will listen to a thousand times.

Because we offer our guests more than just a service, we offer a personalized experience, luxury amenities and services customized just for you. This individualized experience is at the very center of our hospitality philosophy, it is the rhythm of our place which keeps our intimate atmosphere warm, cozy and absolutely satisfying ideal for all seasons.

At PrideInn Plaza Hotel and Convention Center, we take the time to know our guests, we listen to extra requests and we have a friendly pet policy so you can travel with your furry friend with no worries.

Stylish Décor

Our spaces at PrideInn Plaza Hotel and Convention Center are interesting, all with a story to tell. The interior décor is a creative display of world-class futuristic design combined with the local traditional art of the indigenous people. Rooms and suites fuse style and elegance to bring forth a magnificent inspiring character to behold. The lobby, Sky View Bar, recreational facilities, boardroom, conference hall, and every other little detail are all curated with artistic mastery that fits them right in with the warmly décor and character of our place

Our restaurant, Sizzling Masters Restaurant, features an extensive outdoor rooftop section that sits at the very top of Signature Mall providing a thrilling breathtaking dining experience. At Sizzling Masters restaurant, you can enjoy your favorite meal selected from our rich menu of local and international flavors, while you immerse yourself in the spectacular views of the Eastern metro of Nairobi’s metropolitan area.


Fine Dining

Sizzling Masters restaurant at PrideInn Plaza Hotel and Convention Center is a stimulating multi-cuisine destination catering for every palate. And really, there’s nothing modest in our elaborate spread of sumptuous meals made with fresh ingredients most of which are sourced directly from the farm in the local market.

When dining at our hotel, you will be spoilt for choice because we have it all; from authentic continental cuisines, Indian cuisines, Chinese cuisines, to our famed indigenous East African delicacies. And it gets better, the Sky View bar located right next to the main restaurant is filled with an uplifting vibe and stocked with global options for you to taste, relax, enjoy and just while away.

We additionally have a 24-hour Room Service Menu for guests should you need a meal, snacks or refreshments served to your room.



Rooms & Suites